Begin 2018 by “Casting all of your anxiety upon Him”

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Begin 2018 by “Casting All Of Your Anxiety Upon Him.”

The Apostle Peter traveled with the Lord Jesus for three years.  In that brief period of time he learned a lot.  He learned about the bountiful love that God has for mankind.  He learned that without God as the center of his life that life was woefully incomplete.  He learned to trust God with the challenges of life, but one of the most important things he learned was to cast all of his cares, all of his troubles, and all of his anxiety upon Jesus.  How about you, have you learned to cast all of your cares and anxieties upon Jesus? As we begin a new year, the year 2018, there seems to be an outpouring of trouble all over the world.  Jesus came to set the captives free from sin and the bondages of sin, and He did.  He came to end the enmity that once existed between God and mankind, and for those who receive Him as Savior, He did.  He came to bring peace and solace to the hearts,  souls, and minds of all of His children. He came to give us assurance that He is the everlasting Prince of Peace who wants us to cast all of our worries and anxieties upon Him.

Take a moment, stop whatever you are doing, take a deep breath and simply call upon the Lord, that you may draw near to Him and find rest and peace.  Worry and anxiety comes to us because we fear some type of loss.  Perhaps it is money, perhaps it is a relationship, or children, or simply the pressures of life.  Whatever the cause of your worry, God wants you to go to Him in prayer and make your request known, and then cast every burden upon Him.   The apostle Peter had been arrested, placed in a dungeon, chained hands and foot, and was awaiting the dawn when he was to be executed for being a follower of Christ.  Do you know what he was doing?  What would you or I have been doing?  Worrying, fretting, having a pity party?  Perhaps all of the above? Peter was sleeping.  He had learned an important truth, and that was to cast all of his cares upon the Lord.  What happened?  An angel showed up, loosed his chains and lead him to safety.  He wants to set you free as well.

Let me encourage you to not begin the new year with the same old worries, because they will dilute your faith.  No, get rid of them by casting them upon the Lord.  Caution!  Do not cast them upon the Lord and then take them back.  No, sit at the feet of Jesus until the Peace that passes all understanding overtakes you.  Let His unconditional love consume every worry, every anxiety, and every fear that the enemy is using to harass you with.  Pills mask the problem, God wants to remove it and give you restful sleep.

In Christ, Don & Penny Griffin