Come to the Table

By November 6, 2015Uncategorized

In scripture we find Jesus reclining at different tables, at the table of friends, at the table of those who opposed Him, and at times He reclined at the table of those who were simply looking for answers. To each He always extended grace and truth. It was at the home and table of a Pharisee named Simon in the town of Bethany that we find Jesus once again reclining at a table. Suddenly, a woman who made her living selling her body came and kneeled behind Him and as she knelt there she began to weep so profusely that her tears wet His feet. She ever so gently wiped his feet with her hair. Simon thought to himself, if this man were a prophet he would know this woman is a sinner, yet he heard the Master say, “Woman, your sins are forgiven.”
You will find that there is always forgiveness at the Lord’s table (yet another reason the family table is so important) and He bids us now to come to His table, the Table of Communion, where we can eat at His table of forgiveness and restoration. Isaiah 53:5 reminds us of a prophecy that was promised and made full at the Cross of Calvary: “The chastening of our well being (judgement) fell upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.” “He was pierced through for our transgressions.” Get the picture! Salvation for the soul and physical healing for the physical body was purchased when all judgement fell on Him. Jesus didn’t defeat part of the curse, He defeated all of the curse.
Because of this great victory, the Lord is not telling us to examine ourselves and be sure we are free of sin before we take communion; that is like telling a sick person to get well before they go to a doctor. God is telling us that we don’t have to go to hell because He Has extended forgiveness for sin and we don’t have to live in sickly bodies and die before our appointed time because He willingly bore the stripes due us so that we can receive physical healing.
What do you need from the Lord today? The Lord bids that you come to His table, to eat, to drink, and be consumed with His unconditional love that has the power to break every chain, to heal and to save to the uttermost.