End Times The Judgment Seat

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“For we shall all stand before the Judgment (Bema) Seat of Christ, that each one may be recompensed for his deed in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad” (11 Cor. 5:10).

In chapter four the Book of Revelation reveals Christ standing at the portals of heaven, calling His Church to come up and be with Him.  At the sound of His voice, the dead in Christ will exit their graves followed by those who are still alive to meet the Lord in the air. It will not be St. Peter who welcomes the saints into heaven, it will be the Lord Himself.  Of this we can be certain, not one unsaved person will enter in, for sin cannot enter into the presence of the Father.  Every saint will enter in because they have been washed in the Blood of the Lamb.  Yet Christ is not seen in heaven as the sacrificial Lamb, He is now being worshiped as the omnipotent, omniscient Son of God.  We will behold Him in all of His glory, and each of us will be called to stand before Him in Judgment.  Are you ready”  Yes ___  No ___  Not sure ___?

If you answered “No” or “Not sure” it is because you do not understand the Covenant of Grace that you entered into when you were saved.  It is because you do not understand that you were made Righteous by the Blood of Jesus.  Picture yourself as one of the Israelite children in Egypt, wanting desperately to be freed from slavery.  Moses had commanded all of Israel to make an animal (blood) sacrifice unto the Lord and to put the blood over the lintel of your door.  Tonight the death angel of God will move throughout all of Egypt.  Tonight, God will require the life of every firstborn male where the blood was not applied.  As the death angel moved throughout Egypt, did he stop and ask those inside those doors if they were guilty of sin?  No, he passed by because the Blood was over the door.  What did Jesus say?  “He who believes in me shall not enter into judgment” (John 3:18).

Do not be deceived, each of us will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ, but it will not be to give an account for our sins.  It will be to be to have our works judged, that we may be rewarded for our ministry (we are all ministers) here on earth.  Let me share with you a little 1st Griffin.  I believe that Christ will look at us as we stand alone before Him, and as He gazes at us His eyes will consume and burn away every deed we committed in the flesh. Only those things done in the Spirit will remain.  The big check we gave and wanted everyone to know about will be burned up.  The countless hours we did doing good so that we would appear saintly to others will be burned up.  In short, every good deed done with wrong motives will be lost.   What then will we have to present to the Lord?  Ourselves, because that is what He wanted most of all.  Our good deeds will follow and as we lay them at the feet of Jesus, He will determine our reward.  His richest rewards will not be for those who sought the esteem of others.  It will not be for great orators or speakers who talked about Jesus but pointed to themselves.  His richest rewards will be for the man who cut someone’s grass, or the woman who took meals to grieving families.  It will be for those who prayed for the lost and the hurting; those who visited the sick and encouraged the weak; those who willingly helped someone who couldn’t buy Christmas for their children.  God is speaking to His Church!  What is He saying to you?

Jesus said, “I will be merciful to their iniquities and their sins and lawless deeds I will remember no more” (Heb. 8:12).  We can praise Him for that promise.  We can praise Him that as we await His soon coming call unto the Elect that “Christ shall appear a second time for salvation without reference to sin, to those who eagerly await Him” (Heb. 9:28).  Dear Saint, prepare yourself to stand before the King of Kings.  It is there He will reward us with the:  Promise of Crowns (5 different crowns)  with the “Promise of Heavenly Treasure” Matt. 6:20; the “Promise of Accolades” Matt. 25:21; “Rewards to Overcomers” Rev. 2:7; the “Promise of Rewards and Authority” as we rule with Him here on earth for a thousand years.  Put fear under your feet for perfect love casts out all fear.  Don’t spend every moment trying to increase your bank account, or trying to be accepted into social circles, for soon and very soon the Father will say to His only begotten Son. “Call your bride home!”

Next week, we will change our focus to the soon coming Great Tribulation and the Second Coming of our Lord to earth.  Until then, be encouraged and keep the Faith, your key to living triumphantly here on earth.   In Christ, Don & Penny