How To Build A Better Marriage #1

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Over the next seven weeks, Penny and I will be sharing on the subject, “How To Build A Better Marriage.”  The information we share will be quite different from our book, “Great Life Great Marriage, so we encourage any reader who has not read the book to do so.  What we know is this: When the vertical relationship is correct, then the horizontal relationship of marriage will flourish and grow.  In this series, we want to address some basic subjects that profoundly affect every marriage beginning with:

#1 Taking Your Marriage To The Repair Shop,

#2 Is marriage a Contract or Covenant?

#3 Who is in Charge?

#4 Happy Wife – Happy Life!

#5 Happy Husband – Happy Home!

#6 Marriage is Much More Than It Is Cracked Up To Be!

#7  Maxing Your Marriage!

We hope that you will join us and invite others as we take this fun journey. Let’s kick off this series on the light side by taking a very simple, fun time quiz.  This is one that everyone should make a perfect 100 score, but very few do.  So with fun in mind, and the result being a reminder of just how focused we are as our marriage relates to our partner, let’s begin.   There is one for “Husbands,” and one for “Wives.”   5 points for each question   NO CHEATING!!!


“Things Every Husband Should Know”

1 –  The color of my wife’s eyes are ______________2-

Her shoe size is ________?

3-  My wife believes that _________ is her best color.

4-  Her favorite perfume is _____________?

5  Her favorite place to eat is ________________?

6- Her favorite food is ________________?

7-  Her favorite fun thing to do is _______________?

8-  Her favorite place to shop is _________________?

9-  Her most evident talent is ___________?

10- Her spiritual gift is _____________?


Ten Things Every Husband Should Always Do

1-  Always remember our anniversary and try to make it special ______

2-  Always remember her birthday  ______

3-  Say, “I love you” every day ______

4- Tell her she is beautiful often ______

5-  Open her car door _______

6- (Except for safety) Never walk ahead of her ______

7 – Hold her hand when walking together ______

8-  Pray with her each day _____worth 10 points  Sometimes _____

9- Have a date night at least once a month _______ Eating out is not a date night

10- Send cards and flowers, even when there is no special occasion _______


Things Every Wife Should Know

1-  My husband has  ________ eyes

2-  My husband’s shoe size is ________?

3-  My husband’s favorite color is _______?

4-  My husband’s favorite color on me is ________?

5-  My husband’s favorite food is __________?

6-  My husband’s favorite place to eat is ________?

7-  My husband’s favorite subject to talk about is _______?

8-   My husband’s favorite time of the year is _______?

9-   My husband’s favorite place to vacation is ______?

10- My husband’s greatest need is _______________?


Things Wives Should Always Do

1- Give him a kiss along with a “I love you” everyday _________

2- Pray for him daily _____

3- Daily build him up with actions and words _______

4- Avoid correcting him in front of others, especially the children ______

5- Daily praise him for being a good husband and father _______

6- Always encourage him regardless of circumstances _________

7- Keep myself attractive in appearance ________

8-  Submit to him as the leader of our home even when we disagree ________

9-  Never compare him to other men ________

10- Never go to bed mad after a disappointment or disagreement ______

Didn’t make a hundred?  That is OK!!!  Just a reminder that little things can become stumbling blocks to any marriage.  Remember, no finger pointing and no being upset because your spouse couldn’t remember the color of your eyes.  This is not about changing your mate, it is all about allowing God to change you.  Until next Friday, take time to pray and ask God to help you apply grace in any area where you did poorly.

In Christ

Don & Penny.