One Taken One Left

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“He predestined us to adoption to Himself through His Son Jesus Christ, according to the kind intention of His will” (Eph. 1:5).

Several years ago many orphanages had “Perspective Parents Day.”  This allowed couples who had an interest in adopting a child to visit for that purpose.  On that special day, the keepers made sure that the children were bathed and dressed in their best hand me down clothes.  Two brothers named Billy and Tommy were orphans in such a facility.  They were there by state mandate because their alcoholic parents were not capable of taking care of them.  Billy was twelve, but his younger brother was only four.  On the day of visitation Billy said to his younger brother, “Tommy, today is the day that mommas and daddies are coming to choose who they want to adopt.’  `You be sure to get out front so they can see you, and smile big so they will think you are happy.’  Do you hear me?’  Little Tommy replied, “Please don’t make me do that, I don’t want to leave you Billy. Please don’t make me do that.”  Billy responded, “You do what I said.  I’m too old, no one wants me, but you need a momma and a daddy, so get out there and do what I said.” Sure enough, a young couple in their late thirties fell in love with little Tommy.  A few months later they came and took him away.  Billy wept bitter tears of joy as he saw his little brother being taken away.  One taken, one left.

All around us there are people who feel desperate, alone and lonely.  They look at the Church and wonder, does anyone care?  Some of these people are already in our church.  Question??? Do we really care?  Is there someone I could reach out to?  Is there someone I could mentor?  They don’t need bible scholars, they need someone who can love them where they are but unwilling to leave them where they are.  That is the way God is with us.  Pray about it.  Get involved.  Reach out and help change a life.

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