Prayers That Avail Much!

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“Now He was telling them a parable to show that at all times they ought to pray and not lose heart” (Luke 18:1).

Jesus was a great story teller, but even more wonderful is that all of his parables were God’s way of bringing a heavenly perspective to an earthly problem. In this parable Jesus tells us about a widow woman who, against all odds, prevailed against a legal system that wanted to deny her legal protection against her opponent. Nothing has changed.  Two thousand years later, our enemy Satan is still trying to deny Kingdom rights to God’s children.  As we take a brief look at this revealing parable, please bear in mind that this parable is not a simile but is in fact a contrast, the exact opposite of a simile.  Nothing could be more opposite than an unrighteous judge and a loving Father.  The purpose of this parable is clearly stated: To show that we should make prayer a priority and not doubt that God will always keep His promises when we persist in faith.

This widow lady had a lot of negatives going on in her life.  For starters, she was a woman in a culture that viewed women as second class citizens.  That is why the disciples of Jesus were astonished when they came back from a town in Samara and saw him talking to a Samaritan woman. Rabbis did not speak to women, but Jesus did.  He was and still is the greatest women’s rights advocate ever.   Problem number two was that she was a widow.  She no longer had a husband to stand with her as she plead her case before the judge. On the plus side, she knew her legal rights!   Now this particular judge was not just any judge, he was robed in unrighteousness, hating both God and man.  He is also a picture of our enemy who wants to keep us from exercising our legal rights in God’s Kingdom.  Thankfully, the only believers in Christ that Satan can prevail against are those who simply don’t know the promises of God.   God’s promises are our (legal rights) weapons of spiritual warfare.  Speaking them in faith and holding onto them in faith will always cause us to triumph over every trial and negative circumstance we face.

Time and again the unrighteous judge denied the widow woman the protection provided by Jewish Law.  She could have given up, but she was able to persist because she knew her legal rights.  This widow lady knew that Jewish Law provided for protection against her adversary and she intended to get it.  Every time his court was in session, she stood before him pleading her case.  Again and again she came.  Finally, the unrighteous judge decided to grant her the legal protection that was hers. Why? Not because he cared about the widow, but rather he considered her to be a nuisance that would not go away until she got what she came for.

 Now here are two very important points to consider.  The first is that we do not take our prayers to a judge in a courtroom hoping for justice.  We take our prayers into the throne room of  grace and mercy where our loving Father has dominion.  The second is that we are not strangers, but joint heirs of the Promise.  As heirs, it is up to us to read God’s living will and testament and learn what legally belong to us.  If we don’t know our legal rights  concerning healing, we will find ourselves at the mercy of medicines and doctors.  If we don’t know our legal rights concerning money, we will probably live our lives in debt to banks that charge high rates of interest.  If we don’t know our legal rights concerning peace of mind, we will live far to many days with anxiety and fear.  Here then is the essence of  what Jesus was saying:  We must know our Kingdom rights if we expect to live the fun, exciting, abundant lives that He has purchased for us.  Satan is still the prince and power of this world, but he cannot prevail over God’s Elect who know and understand who they are and whose they are.

How do we prevail?  We prevail by praying in faith, staying in faith, and refusing to be moved by our feelings or our circumstances.  Perhaps you have heard sermons preached that tell us to persist until God moves.  Dear reader, our persistence in asking over and again will  not move God for He has already moved through His Son Jesus. What do the scriptures say?  Mark 11:24 states,  “Therefore I (Jesus) tell you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you receive and they shall be granted to you.”  Our part is to pray and ask our heavenly Father according to His Word, and then stand in faith praising Him continually until we see our prayers manifested.  Jesus said, vs. 8: “I tell you, He (our Father) will see that they get justice quickly.”  God always answers prayers of faith the moment He hears them, but that does not mean that we always see the manifestation the moment we pray.   Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.”  Faith in God will move any mountain, part any sea, and at the perfect time bring into manifestation the request we have prayed.

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  • Kaye Griffin says:

    This was what I really needed to hear today! Thanks and much love, Kaye Griffin

  • Debbie Morris says:

    Read this twice!! So, so good….thank you for your encouragement and the great blessing y’all are in my life!