To Kneel or not to Kneel???

By June 30, 2020Uncategorized

The prophecies of Jesus are taking place right before our very eyes.  Jesus said, “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in divers places” (Matt. 24:7 KJ).   Listen closely and a spiritual yawn can be heard within the Church.  Our nation has been at war somewhere for some reason for the past one hundred years.  The old adage, “Old men sending young men to fight and die for a cause that they themselves do not believe in,” is really true.  In the last century, our nation fought in two world wars, with victory being the only alternative.  Had Japan and Germany prevailed, the question of kneeling when our American flag is being displayed would not be a topic of conversation.  Is America perfect?  No, we all know that America is not perfect, and it like any other nation,  never will be.  That being said, America over the years has been the shining light to the rest of the world, an eagle with its wings spread over countries that could not defend themselves, notably Israel.  Recently our nation watched as a police officer took the life of a black man who was already in cuffs and unable to defend himself. That should never have happened, but it did.  Everyone should want to see racial injustice become a thing of the past.  Every born-again Christian should love others not based on the color of their skin, but because they are a fellow human being, a fellow American. The problem is that  legislation cannot cure the hate of a person’s heart.  Only God can do that.  Congress can write laws until they run out of paper, but it will not cure the evil of sin.

A few years ago, before the beginning of a football game,  a young man choose to kneel when the American flag was being displayed and our national anthem was being sung.  I get it. We all get it, racial injustice is still alive, but is this the time to kneel down and protest against our country, as imperfect as it is?  The reasoning now for the masses who will kneel in protest is that the kneeling has nothing to do with our flag, or our allegiance to America.  Wrong, it has everything to do with our flag and our allegiance to our country.  Do not be deceived, America has many enemies, but its greatest enemy is a spiritual being named Satan.  Satan hates America because it was founded on Christian principles that can only be found in the Christian bible. Every time people choose to kneel in some sort of protest, they are eroding and undermining the core foundation of our nation.

My wife’s father was a freedom fighter in World War 11.  Papa never talked about his time in the war, until one Thanksgiving Day when we were all sitting at the table, and for reasons known only to our Papa, he chose to share with us, but most of all, he wanted to share with our children that freedom is not cheap. Part of a small platoon, Papa and about ten others  were instructed to take a two story farm house that sat in the middle of a field.  They swept into the house and found no resistance, no one there.  Papa and three others went upstairs to secure that area.  Suddenly, they heard the sound of a burp gun downstairs, at the same time the door was kicked open and a German soldier sprayed the room he and his buddies were in with bullets.  Two were killed instantly, Papa’s close friend who stood next to him was hit three times in the stomach.  Papa was hit once in his upper leg.  Papa wept bitterly as he recalled trying to carry his wounded buddy towards the field trucks.  His war buddy and friend died in his arms.  For weeks Papa and many others lived in an open prison of war camp.  Cold, wet, and hungry, they faced each day trying to survive, wondering why they had been spared while others had died.  Back home, my wife’s mother, caring for one small child and expecting another, had received a missing in action letter.  General Patton to the rescue! Papa was freed before the Germans could exterminate those in the prisoner camps.

To kneel or not to kneel?  Papa’s story, along with the thousands of others who fought in various wars to keep America free, that is what I see and remember when our flag is displayed and our national anthem is sung.  Yes, kneeling has a time and place, but not when our war heroes, the many who gave their all for their country are being honored. Someone asked, “Does the Christian Church have a place in politics?”  “No,” I don’t believe that it should. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the standard that politics should adhere to, but sadly, that is not the case.  Do Christians have a place in politics?  I believe that the answer is “yes.”  The more the better if God is leading you to do so.  We have more than enough politicians in congress already.  We could use a few statesmen.

We love you, both those who kneel and those who choose not to kneel.  Don & Penny Griffin