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The bible has a lot to say about the identity of God’s children, and most of it is quite different than what is being taught in many churches. There are many reasons, but the most obvious is that many pastors and teachers still mix with generosity the Old Testament Laws with the New Covenant of Grace. There is a time and place for using the Old Covenant Laws, but mixing it with the New Covenant of Grace is not the time or the place. Paul said to Timothy, “Realize the fact that the Law is not made for the righteous, but for the unrighteous” (unsaved– 1 Tim. 1:8-9). Mixing the two into one has caused much confusion in the body of Christ, causing many of God’s children to believe that God still deals with us based on our obedience, but what does the Word say? The Word says that we are to, “Bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (11 Cor. 10:7). Satan wants us to look at our obedience, but God says we are to look at the obedience of Christ. We were not made righteous by our works, but by the righteousness of Christ, and only His righteousness can keep us righteous. We can agree with Pastor Jon Courson who said, “God is no longer checking His list and checking it twice, finding out who is naughty or nice, rather, He is checking it once, and if our name is on it He has nailed it to the Cross.”

That said; let’s back up and begin an elementary study of who God says we are. Please bear in mind that when the apostle Paul referred to the “Elementray teachings,” it was in reference to the Law that came before Grace. We are really going back to the elementary, to the Book of Beginnings, Genesis.

A few weeks ago my six year old granddaughter going on twenty gave me a drawing of a stick man that she purposed to be me. She had embellished the face with some marks and when I asked what they were she said, “Papa, those are your wrinkles.” Just a truthful reminder that our body (flesh) was born of the corruptable seed of Adam, and therefore, it is given unto man an appointed time to die unless the Lord comes first. (One day, the Lord will call our bodies home and in the twinkling of an eye they will be changed incorruptable.)

Now let’s suppose that there are two more stick men drawn exactly like the first one and all three of them are now side by side. Let’s write “body” on the stick man with wrinkles, “soul” on the second, and “spirit” on the third. We now have three identical stick men but each one has a separate identity. Now, let’s place the body man on top of the soul man and both of these on top of the spirit man. We can only see one stick man, the body, complete with mars and wrinkles, but we know that there are actually three stick men. That is exactly the way God created us; spirit, soul and body. We have a soul person who lives temporarily in a body, and a spirit person who was born dead (before salvation) because of the sin of Adam. That is why Ephesians 2:1 reminds us that we were once “Dead in our sins and trespasses” That is why Jesus said to Nickodemus, “You must be born again” (John 3:7). The moment we said “Yes” to Jesus and made Him Lord of our lives, our spirit person surged to life by the regenerative power of the Holy Spirit. Hollywood didn’t come up with 3D, God, our Creator, did that seven thousand years ago.

Praise God, we are now born of the incorruptable seed, not the seed of Adam, but the seed of God Himself. There is still a huge battle going on, but the battle now rages for control of our mind. That is why Romans 12:3 says, “Be ye now transformed by the renewing of your mind. The war has been won completely for our salvation that allows us to rule and reign in the here and now, but we can only rule and reign when we know and understand what Christ did for us on Calvary.

We will continue our study of “Who Are You?” in the next article. Until then, I encourage you to read and meditate on 11 Cor. 5:17, “You are now a New Creation in Christ Jesus.”